Saturday, April 28, 2012

STEM, James Cameron, Larry Page and trash ...

Recently, I had the opportunity to see the Apollo 12 Command Module at the NASA Langley Air and Space Museum. What a great engineering creation and an outstanding memorabilia of the Space race of the 1960s. The space race started as a competition between the USA and Soviet Union and eventually turned into a collaboration that led to the deployment of the International Space Station. Today US astronauts hitch a ride on Russia’s Soyuz for space travel.
Elementary children had their own taste of space competition and collaboration, see more here.
A new collaboration is shaping up between Avatar’s James Cameron and Google’s Larry Page … not for the next blockbuster movie … They have their eyes set on the asteroid belt for space mining! Have we depleted our natural resources on Earth to such an extent that mining of asteroids is now being explored?

An average American makes 7 pounds of trash a day or roughly 1.3 tons a year. That’s like each one of us throwing away a Honda Civic every year! Think about how much natural resource is being trashed on a regular basis this way ...

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STEM for kids ... but what is STEM?

For most of us, when we think of stem, we think of a plant stem ... a connecting or supporting part of a plant. Think closely about the support that a stem provides to a plant. Just like that stem, the acronym STEM (our focus area for this post), is an important support for our children' growing minds.
STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Experts believe that STEM is an economic imperative.

Why STEM for Kids? Because children are naturally curious; they want to explore, to tinker, to figure out why something happens the way it does and how things work. What if we could find a way to draw their curiosity into creative thinking? What if, there was a way for children to have fun with science, technology, engineering and math?

My last post showed that in our community children are having fun with STEM. Children are smart, they will discover their own natural skills and abilities. As their parents, I believe, that we should ensure that they get exposure to different options. Just like we have them try baseball, soccer, swimming, etc., let them try STEM for kids.

STEM Rocks !!!

US Competitiveness report released in January underscores the need for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education for our children.

But the question is ... how soon should the children be given the opportunity to explore STEM? Could elementary age children benefit from STEM enrichment?

The answer is yes because as we have seen as parents, children are naturally curious. They want to look under the hood, tinker and have fun. Basically, they have a fertile mind ready for planting the seeds of STEM.

That leads to another question ... is there a way for elementary age children to have fun with STEM?

Yes ... absolutely. Take a look at the happy faces of elementary age children having fun with STEM.